Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Eggs...

Just a few highlights for our egg coloring tradition.  On Good Friday we go to church and then head home to color eggs.  This year was just a bit different because, as you can see, no boys!  Honestly, it is probably a good thing, most of the people are not huge fans of hard boiled eggs around here, so if all of us colored eggs we would never finish them all.  The girls enjoyed their time and of course the boys joined us for dinner!  This was the start of a very full weekend, complete with belated birthday parties, soccer, and of course Easter.


I hope every one had a wonderful Easter. We spent the day with my family and enjoyed temps almost in the 80's....I think Spring might actually be here!
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Spring Fling....

Well, we finally had the Spring Fling dance.  The original date was canceled back in March....because of  snow, surprise, surprise.  So on literally the warmest day of the year (thankfully) the kids finally had their night.  I don't usually share dance photos, for lots of reasons, but here are a few fun ones.  TJ went with one of his good friends, as you can tell by the pictures they get along fabulously!




Gotta love the shoe choice...she made a good one compared to most of the super high heels sinking into my grass.  Russ was glad about the heels, he said we don't need to aerate this year:)


Once TJ saw her shoe choice on went some Nike skate shoes...he was also very happy!


And of course since both kids had on gym shoes trampoline pictures were a must!




I love having the kids at the house.  The funny thing is Seniors don't really care about the dance plans, they are, well over it.  TJ told me 3 days before the dance we had pictures. They went to Panera for dinner, bought tickets at the door, and were all late for pictures. Thankfully one of my coworkers  finished my shift for me since it was my work weekend (I think Russ was happy about that too).  We had about 20-30 people for pictures when it was all said and done.  I can't tell you how happy I was the weather cooperated for the first time in 2014.

Happy Easter to all and many blessings on this joyous weekend.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Just some color......

June was coloring the other day and I was drawn to the color of her art kit....Just thought I would share some bright color while I wait for Spring to start!


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Friday, April 11, 2014

Disney...part one

Well, we survived spring break.  I will say parts were like the movie "Vacation" and made for some interesting memories....However, Disney was fabulous, they do everything top notch and right, pure magic and pure fun (and for us oldies pure tiredness).  One thing the girls wanted to do was get autographs of the characters. This can be a bit tricky.  We did not want to spend all of our time waiting in line for characters so we did what we could.  These are my shots taken with my phone or point and shoot, no big camera this trip.  Lucky for us at each character location there was a photographer on hand with his trusty Nikon to get the shot...scan your wristband and they send you a file with all of your shots (ours our still in our inbox waiting to be opened).  I have to say you will even see the boys, they were pretty good sports when it came to pictures!

magic kingdom-020wm

magic kingdom-029wm

magic kingdom-011wm

magic kingdom-175wm

magic kingdom-213wm

magic kingdom-016wm

magic kingdom-227wm

magic kingdom-021wm

magic kingdom-022wm

magic kingdom-238wm

magic kingdom-245wm

I plan on going through all the shots from the Disney photographer and picking shots for the girls autograph is on my to do list.  I would love to say I would have more shots for you soon, but no promises.  Spring is a busy season at our house, this one more than others.  We have two graduations and confirmation, time goes by so quick!

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Last week....

Last week June turned seven.  I normally have a post with special pictures and a story, but this is all I have this year.  We celebrated her special day and were awaiting a "Spring Fling Tea Party"  but we had to put it on hold.  We are looking forward to rescheduling on a nice, warm, Spring day (if Spring ever comes).  Somehow, my life got in the way of my life and I ended up in the hospital, yep just in time to mess up a party.  So for now the party favors sit and wait for that special day in Spring.  The good news is I am feeling much better, back to my old self,  and June got lots of attention from the grandmas and grandpas who came to help while I was out of commission.  Looking forward to a break, warm weather,  a whole bunch of princesses, and sand under my toes!

3-6-009 sltfinal

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Ordinary....Extraordinary Day

It seems like forever since I pulled out my camera and spent time using it, I am missing those days.  I am missing days of routine with a quiet afternoon just to pass the time. Those days seem to be few and far between  lately and I am challenged to keep up with  all of my responsibilities.  I am so use to sharing our special events and photos that I forget to share our ordinary times, realistically most of our times.  However, it occurred to me while I was in the thick of "ordinary" last night cooking dinner that each day, while it may seem ordinary, is truly extraordinary! I feel so blessed that God has entrusted these five souls to me for good keeping and because of that each day is extraordinary.  So here is a little of what "extraordinary" looks like after school at my house....homework, down time, and dinner.

After dinner we had one more extraordinary accomplishment to celebrate.  June's art teacher chose a piece of her art to be displayed at a local art school to celebrate Youth Art Month.  We all headed out after dinner to support June and admire her work....we of course finished our celebration with ice cream!  The big boys headed out to volunteer at school and it was home to finish up with our regular night time routine.


Recently, someone said that my family was not relaxing and they were right....we are not!  We are far from relaxing and that is okay, because, whether a good day or a bad day I would not change or trade raising my big, awesome, loud, loving, family!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snapshots....Girls weekend in the city

I thought I would share a little a lot of our girls weekend today.  Every year when the boys go snowmobiling we have a girls weekend.  This year we gave up the water park (YEAH!!!!) and headed into the city.  My aunt was a gracious host and we all had a really good time.  All of these shot were taken with my phone or my new point and shoot, yup, I got a point and shoot a Nikon Cool Pix 520.  This shot below was our view for our stay...beautiful!


Before we headed out we had a light lunch and the girls played.  The girls packed their own bag complete with toys...did I mention the school carnival was earlier in the morning so they also had a huge bag of goodies they won at school.  One of their favorite things to do is play with my aunt's charm collection from when she was little, always a big hit and always all over the floor!


Finally we decided to venture out into the snow.  The girls had their first cab ride.  The snow was so pretty, big, fluffy flakes.


This one kills me....


Our first stop was (you guessed it) American Girl!  The girls shopped and picked out outfits and shopped some more.  This was our first visit and we had a lovely time.  Perhaps this will become a new tradition for us.....


Finally we were ready for tea!  What a great treat it was lots of attention to detail, I think everyone felt special, even the dolls.


We also took a quick tour of the Lego store, always a fun time!


After a bit of a walk and a stop at The Disney Store we were at the place I could not wait to see.  Eataly!  What an amazing place, food, wine, restaurants, people, and an energy/personality that was tangible.  I so wished I had my big camera and no packages to carry.  I can't wait to go back and take it all in and snap away.  We did a quick tour and I was able to capture a little of what Eataly is about.  







Then it was time to head back home for the night.  We ordered pizza and relaxed after a long, fun day.  Many thanks to my Mom and my Aunt for making it such a special day for us girls.


Oh, we ran into a new friend...........


Warm Hugs to All!

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine M&M Cookies

This is a re-post of sorts.  Last year I shared "The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" recipe...well this is the same recipe, but with you guessed it M&M's instead of chocolate chips.  I needed a fun snack for June's class and this is what they get!  All I can say is that the M&M's make 'em that much better.

mmcookie-009 final

You can find the recipe HERE, the only change, of course, is the M&M's instead of the chocolate chips.

Bake, share, enjoy!

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