Friday, February 27, 2015

Kendall unplugged...

Call me crazy but two posts in one day....just had a little extra time today.  This little gal has her own plan all the time...if you couldn't tell from the outfit.  What you don't see are the heart sunglasses she was wearing before she started to color.  They are actually sitting here next to me as I type.  Not much to say except this girlie makes me smile!



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Tissue paper craft..

A few weeks back on one of my weekends off work we spent the afternoon crafting in the sun room.  I had come across this craft on the Fiskars website and thought the girls would love to try after a trip to Micheal's Crafts we were all set!





I purchased a Fiskars paper cutter, a few blank canvases, and lots of tissue paper.  We cut out lots of hexagons and we were ready to go.  All you have to do is "paint" the canvas with water and place your cut pieces of tissue on the canvas...any pattern you want (you could even tear the paper or cut different shapes).  Once the paper is dry peel off the canvas and BRAVO you are done!

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sweet treats...

I love Valentine's day, probably because I love pink and hearts!  Every year I make the girls Valentine's for school( with their help of course) and this year we made some "Sweet Treats" for the teachers and neighbors too!




I found these cute little tags on Pinterest you can print them from "she wears many hats" ..(I also had fun touring her blog).  The jars are half-pint canning jars from Walmart, they are the Walmart brand and I liked them because they have no markings at all on the glass and they were a steal, six dollars and some change for 12 jars.  The best part, Gimbal's jelly heart good!  I put all of it together with some ribbon and twine I had around the house.  I did have to fill the candy when the girls were not around however, because they would have tried to eat all the candy hearts:)
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Borax crystal snowflakes...

A few weeks ago when June was home sick we decided to spend a little time making "Borax snowflakes".  I had seen them on Pinterest a few times and Kendall's preschool teacher had sent home an instruction sheet so we gave it a try.





Our final "snowflake" looked more like a rock, but the girls had a great time and learned something too!  Here is what you need and how to do it.

"Borax snowflakes"

pipe cleaners
glass jars

Gather all of your supplies.  I cut the pipe cleaners and let the girls make their own snowflakes. I helped the girls tie the string to the snowflakes and figure out how long the string needed to be to suspend the snowflake in the center of the jar, finally I tied it to the pencil.  Once they were ready to go I boiled the water and added it to the glass jars.  You mix 3 tablespoons of  Borax to one cup of boiling water. Add one tablespoonful at a time.  The girls gently stirred until all of the Borax was dissolved, then in went the snowflakes.  Do not disturb and watch the crystals form...ours started in a few hours.  If  I had to do it again I would have removed the snowflakes sooner (we left ours overnight) or I would have used larger jars so the spindles of the snowflakes were not so close together.  As you can see we did not get a snowflake, but a big ole' rock!

The girls had a great time and overall it was a great science lesson on saturation and crystallization.  I would definitely do it again...I have seen a few with red pipe cleaner hearts for Valentine's day.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Pink is my favorite color, it always has been, even when I was little.  I love pink.  So on these cold, gray, Winter days I needed a bit of pink to brighten up the house.



We have had lots going on the last week or so.  Appointments and Dr's visits,  June had walking pneumonia, snow days, and croup.  Hopefully we can get back to normal here soon...which is kinda funny as I type it because our normal is kinda crazy even on a good day!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Sunshine..

Some bright lemons on a cold January a little drop of  "S U N S H I N E"!


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Afternoon's

Since I work every other weekend, my weekends off are usually super busy.  This weekend however I am trying to take it easy.  We had a laid back day and tonight Russ and I have a "black tie" event to attend for work.  I have not had to get this dressed up since prom...or my wedding.  Here is a little peek at how I spent part of the day.

 I guess as a side note I should tell you a little about our tree.  My mom and dad bought that tree for Russ and I back when Russ was in graduate school, I think before we were married which makes that tree over 23 years old.  It is called a Calamondin tree and you can use the fragrant small citrus fruit in tea or eat them as small snack (very small).  This particular tree has been through a lot, there have been times when it lost all of it's leaves, did not produce fruit, and times that it has had so many blossoms you could smell it two rooms away.  It has lived in 4 states and 5 locations.  Russ loves plants and I have to say this one has been a keeper and a constant part of our home.  I hope to plant one for each of the kids as they embark out into the real world someday so they can take a piece of our home with them.




Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Clip doll vingette...

As is sometimes happens in life, plans change.  Today I planned on a small vignette shoot with an antique bowl I grabbed when we visited Iowa a few weeks back.  As I began to set up Kendall decided she was going to use my table for her set up.  As you can see her "clip doll vignette" beat out the antique bowl...




I think we both ended up having a good time.  She loved arranging and rearranging her dolls and Legos and I enjoyed taking her picture...every time I took a shot she wanted to see the back of the camera!
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