Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Pink is my favorite color, it always has been, even when I was little.  I love pink.  So on these cold, gray, Winter days I needed a bit of pink to brighten up the house.



We have had lots going on the last week or so.  Appointments and Dr's visits,  June had walking pneumonia, snow days, and croup.  Hopefully we can get back to normal here soon...which is kinda funny as I type it because our normal is kinda crazy even on a good day!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January Sunshine..

Some bright lemons on a cold January day....like a little drop of  "S U N S H I N E"!


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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Saturday Afternoon's

Since I work every other weekend, my weekends off are usually super busy.  This weekend however I am trying to take it easy.  We had a laid back day and tonight Russ and I have a "black tie" event to attend for work.  I have not had to get this dressed up since prom...or my wedding.  Here is a little peek at how I spent part of the day.

 I guess as a side note I should tell you a little about our tree.  My mom and dad bought that tree for Russ and I back when Russ was in graduate school, I think before we were married which makes that tree over 23 years old.  It is called a Calamondin tree and you can use the fragrant small citrus fruit in tea or eat them as small snack (very small).  This particular tree has been through a lot, there have been times when it lost all of it's leaves, did not produce fruit, and times that it has had so many blossoms you could smell it two rooms away.  It has lived in 4 states and 5 locations.  Russ loves plants and I have to say this one has been a keeper and a constant part of our home.  I hope to plant one for each of the kids as they embark out into the real world someday so they can take a piece of our home with them.




Enjoy your weekend!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Clip doll vingette...

As is sometimes happens in life, plans change.  Today I planned on a small vignette shoot with an antique bowl I grabbed when we visited Iowa a few weeks back.  As I began to set up Kendall decided she was going to use my table for her set up.  As you can see her "clip doll vignette" beat out the antique bowl...




I think we both ended up having a good time.  She loved arranging and rearranging her dolls and Legos and I enjoyed taking her picture...every time I took a shot she wanted to see the back of the camera!
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Morning Snuggles

Today is a "snow day", technically a "wind chill" day and I am so glad.  Over Christmas break with all of the activities I did not get a chance to relax so today is a nice treat.  We are going to be hunckered down, toasty in the house, making cookies and chicken noodle soup.  I may even put all the Christmas decorations sitting on the ping pong table in the basement in totes!  This morning I was greeted with two girls ready to snuggle and chit chat.



Last year by this date we had over 34 inches of snow and negative temperatures....although it's cold today our Winter is nothing like it was last year.  Let's hope this one is short!
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I Heart Faces...Best Face of 2014

My friend Becky at Life with Kaishon tagged me on Instagram to join the "Best Face" challenge on I Heart Faces....so here it is.  I take a lot of pictures and it was hard to decide, but here are my youngest..youngest boy and youngest girl.  I have to say I love this picture of my two babies and so did a lot of you!


Best Face of 2014!
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 2014.....from our house to yours!

Another Christmas has come and gone.  All of the preparations and planning and in a matter of hours it is over.  I must admit I struggle with Christmas.  I love preparing my home for my family and sharing with others, but sometimes it overwhelms me as I try to celebrate the true reason for the season with all of the secular distractions that come with it. Having a house full of kids is a true blessing and I do it all for them, I want them to remember a house full of warmth and love, especially at Christmas time.  

Here is a quick tour of our "Christmas" home.  As much as I would love to start over some years with my Christmas decor, it has been collected over the years, some items are gifts others were purchased when Russ and I were first married and have stood the test of time.  I guess you could say my style is eclectic...LOL.





One of my favorite Christmas traditions is pictures before church on Christmas Eve.  Do you notice three people are missing?  While it is my favorite tradition, not so much for the boys.  This year you get just the girls....and they were a little on the goofy side.


This year I hosted both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We share Christmas Eve with my Dad's family and Christmas Day with my Mom's family.  I started hosting both days when the kids were little and although it is a lot of work my kids always say how much they love having our house full of family...



Christmas Day is very low key.  Although I take the food seriously, 'cause I love to cook and love to eat, we spend the day in jammies relaxing and enjoying each others company and I wouldn't have it any other way.  Notice no boys in the pictures again....I fear the day the girls start to protest too!




So from our house to yours...


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Wow, I can't believe it has been almost two months since my last post!  I am miss blogging and am having a hard time fitting it all in lately.  I thought I would jump back in by sharing just a little Christmas cheer.  I have been busy decorating and readying our home for the holidays.  I host both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and I love having our house filled with family.  The next week will be busy with last minute details and planning.  I am looking forward to TJ coming home on Thursday and can hardly believe my baby boy has finished his first semester at college.  Where does the time go?  As I type tonight Jake is standing in my office waiting to use the computer so my time is short.  These shots were taken in my office, which I share with the girls...the part you can't see is filled with toys and a craft area that is usually covered in paper and duck tape.  If I get the chance I may share more of my favorite Christmas decor, hopefully before Christmas!






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